Monster Allergy

Monster Allergy

52 episodes x 26’

Broadcast by Raidue in 2006 with top viewer ratings, this series chronicles the adventures of Zick, a good-natured kid with the unique ability to see an invisible world of monsters. The television rights were licensed to more than 80 networks worldwide. Season two was launched by Disney in several countries and was also broadcasted by leading networks in Europe, Asia and Latin American.


Monster Allergy is a supernatural comedy about monsters. All kinds of monsters live amongst us; the good ones use their invisibility to help people while the bad ones are dangerous and contrary.

Zick, a twelve year old boy, has the uncanny ability to see these invisible world of monsters. His powers enable him to take on the role of a "Monster Tamer", one of an elite group of individuals dedicated to controlling and capturing evil monsters.

Helped by his determined friend Elena, the gourmand monster Bombo and valiant companions of every shape, size and color --literally, they're monsters-- Zick relies on his courage, instinct and imagination to prevent the world from being destroyed by evil creatures.