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Founder and CEO, Iginio Straffi is the heart and soul of Rainbow Group.

His journey into the entertainment industry began while still attending university, working with Milan’s premier comic publisher Sergio Bonelli Editore. From there, his reputation as a cartoonist spread across Europe’s borders, securing him work from leading studios in France and Luxembourg. However, his true breakthrough was in 1995, when he returned to Italy and established Rainbow in his hometown in the Marche region, starting the history of Italy’s biggest animation studio.

A story of creativity and vision

Under Mr. Straffi’s careful management and passionate leadership, what started as a small animation studio quickly grew into a global entertainment powerhouse, turning into a group that blends the achievements and expertise of Rainbow, Rainbow CGI, Colorado Film and Bardel Entertainment. Iginio Straffi has been able to foster such strong growth that the group now manages operations from the creation of original content to animation services for third parties, licensing and multimedia distribution, toys, and publishing. Rainbow Group is a fixture on the international rankings of top licensors year after year, owning a content portfolio that ranges from animation for children to live action and TV formats, TV movies and films for the whole family.

The mind – and hand – behind the Winx Club saga

Among the most versatile and creative minds currently on the world stage, Mr. Straffi is behind the global hit Winx Club. An evergreen brand with a long history of successful media releases and retail products, Winx has evolved into a viral fashion phenomenon over more than 15 years of market presence, conquering the global audience by exploring the limits of multimedia. The latest chapter for the Winx brand is “Fate: The Winx Saga”, a Netflix Originals live action series for the YA audience.

An extraordinary legacy

Flanking his most notable success, Iginio Straffi has been devoting himself to countless other original properties, creating Tommy&Oscar, PopPixie, Huntik – Secrets & Seekers, the 3D animated film production Gladiators of Rome, Regal Academy, three CGI Winx Club movies and the recent live action hit Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, confirming his outstanding attitude to push the boundaries of animation forward. As executive producer and director he also worked on Monster Allergy and served as executive producer in top productions such as Mia and me and live action Club 57, a joint venture with Nickelodeon Latin America. Most recently, he has taken Rainbow to the top of global charts with the preschool award-winning 44 Cats igniting the imaginations of young fans all over the world. 44 Cats is a new classic for the preschool target, that will be soon joined by Summer & Todd Happy Farmers, and Pinocchio and Friends, the new animated properties in the pipeline.

Enlightened leadership at the core

Even more than animation, Iginio Straffi’s greatest talent has always been taking on and overcoming new challenges. He leads Rainbow Group always by example, never hesitating to start a new collaboration or aim for a new horizon. This has allowed him to devote his career to high quality content while also embracing technological innovation and establishing Rainbow Group as a global player in all segments – whether they be multimedia or multi-genre – of the entertainment industry.

While working day in and day out over his entire career to bring entertainment to children and families, Mr. Straffi has always felt the need to bring happiness and wonder to those who need it. This is something he has also taken outside the doors of Rainbow’s offices, and out into the community, in the form of his countless charity initiatives and childhood support projects. Recently, he has created an original educational initiative headquartered in Loreto, which is set to develop on a national level. It is the Liberi Reggiomonte International School, and its goal is to bring cross-cultural education to children between 3 and 6 and beyond.



Iginio Straffi’s dedication has earned him numerous recognitions for both his personal work and the achievements of Rainbow Group as a whole.

  • Content Innovation Award for 44 Cats as “Best Animated Kids Programme” TBI – 2020
  • The Gold Intermedia Globe Award for 44 Cats in the Television & Corporate Media contest for Education: Pre School, Kindergarten World Media Festivals – 2020
  • Kids Trendsetter Award to Iginio Straffi Worldscreen, Tv Kids and Reed Midem, Cannes – 2019
  • Biglietto d’Oro 2019 to “10 giorni senza mamma” movie Anec (National Association of Cinema Exhibitors, Italia – 2019
  • The Golden Award for 44 Cats as “Best Animated Series” Cyber Sousa Competition, Xiamen International Animation Festival – 2019
  • MOIGE Award for 44 Cats as a family friendly show offering an affectionate, harmonious, and valuable view of family, friendship and community Media Observatory of Italian Parents Movement – 2018
  • Capital Elite Creativity in the Chinese Market award China Awards 2018
  • Bologna Licensing Award for Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends as “Best Brand in the Teen category” Bologna Licensing Trade Fair – 2018
  • The Ischia Award for Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends TV Series XV Annual Ischia Global Film & Music Festival – 2017
  • Pulcinella Award to Regal Academy as “Best TV Series Kids Italia” Cartoons on the Bay, Italy – 2016
  • Excellence Award for Kids & Teens Production to Iginio Straffi Fiction Festival, Rome – 2015
  • The Pulcinella Special Award to Iginio Straffi for achievement in the TV and Movie industry Cartoons on The Bay, Italy – 2014
  • Award of Excellence to Iginio Straffi Los Angeles Italia Film Festival, 85th Oscars – 2013
  • European Studio of the Year to Rainbow Ischia Movie Festival – 2013
  • Honorary Doctorate to Iginio Straffi Ancona University, Italy – 2012
  • Carmelo Rocca Prestige, Best Producer of 2012 to Iginio Straffi Capri, Hollywood International Film Festival – 2012
  • Capital Elite to Iginio Straffi as best Italian Creativity Testimonial China Italy Festival, Milan – 2012
  • Entrepreneur of the Year to Iginio Straffi Ernst&Young – 2010
  • Transatlantic Award to Iginio Straffi for outstanding achievement in the USA  American Chamber of Commerce – 2010
  • Best Animated Italian Movie for the WinxClub Magical Adventure Movie Rome Film Festival – 2010
  • Golden Bear Award for WinxClub for Best License of the year Russia Toys Association – 2010
  • Ufficiale dell’Ordine a prestigious acknowledgement to Iginio Straffi for professional excellence on a global level President of the Italian Republic – 2009
  • Best TV Show for Huntik  Mipcom TV, Cannes – 2008
  • Animation Industry Hero to Iginio Straffi Cartoomics festival in Milan – 2008
  • Pinocchio Award to Iginio Straffi as “Best Director, TV series” Turin Film Festival – 2005
  • Best Animation Studio of the Year to Rainbow Cartoon on the Bay festival, Italy – 2005
  • New Media Prize for the production of the best CD ROM related to the Tommy & Oscar TV Series Children Software Review Avanca Festival USA – 1997