Rainbow Group’s Pinocchio and Friends lands on UK channel CBeebies

Rainbow’s new CGI animated series Pinocchio and Friends will air on UK’s leading free-to-air pre-school channel CBeebies from early 2022.

Produced by Rainbow in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi and Toonz Media Group, the new Pinocchio by creator and producer Straffi brings out the essence of what makes Collodi’s classic so inspirational while speaking to children in a light-hearted, educational show that empowers their dreams with key life values and exciting dynamics. The partnership with top quality broadcaster BBC to air on CBeebies for British children next year comes after the 26 x 12’ action-comedy show launched last November 29th on Rai Yoyo. The series is the most viewed and already top-rated on the channel. Pinocchio was presented at the 78th Venice Film Festival in September and was warmly welcomed during the premieres at Lucca Comics and Games and Los Angeles’ ITTV Festival last 30th October.