Regal Academy Fairytale Party

From the 2nd to the 4th of June the village and castle of Gradara turned into the Academy for future fairytale heroes: Regal Academy, with more than 10.000 attendees.

Three days, an intense “pumpkins away!” weekend with dragons, lanterns, “regal” ballrooms, themed menus and much more, where kids had the chance to live the magic and the emotions of the TV series.

Kids attended 7 special classes: dance class, archery, dragonology, spells and potions, as well as art and fairytale history. Each class was held by one of the professor-grandparents from the TV series.

At night, the magnificent scenery of the Piazza d’Armi of the fortress was stage for the live show featuring Regal Academy’s protagonists, who entertained kids in an engaging and exciting performance where our little guests had the chance to know their heroes in person.